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GIMP is an amazing free photo editing program, and here at GetGimp, we have done everything we can to help users of all levels become more familiar with the program and its features. Throughout our site, we describe the different tools provided by GIMP to allow users to “touch up” their digital photos and even undertake more advanced image editing options.

In order to speak to the largest audience, we have to assume our visitors have a moderate working knowledge of photo editing software and the tasks you can undertake. However, we also recognize that some users have never tried to edit digital photos or create images on their computer. There’s nothing wrong with that! Everyone was a beginner at some point. To help get true beginners up to speed, we have provided the following resources pages which provide more information about photo editing software, what GIMP does, and how we can offer the download for free. We also include a glossary of common terms so you can “talk the talk.”

Feel free to read the following pages, and if you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to click the “Contact Us” link below:

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