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Digital Paint Tools

Some users use graphics software like GIMP because they can’t draw a stick figure freehand, so software with smart tools is the only hope they have for producing almost anything resembling a well-composed drawing. There are a number of people, however, who are adept artists who want a more advanced means of transferring their work to the digital world.

The first piece of advice we have to aspiring digital painters is to consider purchasing a “graphics tablet” or “tablet controller” which allows you to hold a stylus more like a pen or a pencil. Many artists have complained about the constraints of trying to translate their artistic motions using a mouse, and oftentimes it is simply not possible. With a tablet controller and a stylus, you can achieve all the same functionality of a mouse and more thanks to the more natural feel of drawing, plus the pressure sensitivity that can be reflected.

The other key piece of advice for users interested in trying their hand at digital painting with GIMP is to download the GIMP Paint Studio bundle, which is a free paint tools bundle that can be downloaded from a number of different reliable sources. This bundle includes brushes, palettes, effects, and more for GIMP that all come pre-packaged with the specific intention of providing a more intuitive way to paint using GIMP.

There are ways to achieve paint effects within GIMP without any other add-ons needed, nor do you have to use a tablet controller; we are simply suggesting what we know others have preferred in the past. The beauty of GIMP is that it is flexible enough to cater to whatever you are comfortable with. No matter how you choose to go about creating a digital painting, you can customize GIMP to suit your needs and accommodate your workflow.

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